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Claire Bowern claire.bowern at yale.edu
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Hi Geoff,

We're not aware of anything like this. Based on your description,
I'm not sure if such a relatively extreme 'fix' might be necessary.
Did you try simply saving the document, closing TLex, and opening
TLex again and editing further? If not, and if it happens again,
could you try that and let me know if that also works?

 - David

On 7 Apr 2011 at 12:34, Geoff TOISTER wrote:

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Subject:        [Tshwanelex-l] Is This A Bug?

> Hi All,
> Has anyone else ever encountered the following?:
> Occasionally,afterselecting an F1 attribute from a drop-down list, I find that it does not appear in
> the preview area.My solution has been the following procedure:
> *   Save
> *   Backup
> *   Dictionary > Customise DTD
> *   Attribute Lists
> *   Select List
> *   Remove offending attribute
> *   Add same attribute
> *   Sort
> *   Save
> I am curious to know whether this is a bug in the application or a local phenomenon stemming
> from the way I constituted my attribute lists, which were mostly imported as csv files from Excel.
> I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has experienced the same phenomenon.
> Sincerely
> Geoff
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