[Tshwanelex-l] Re. question about the location of images in tlTerm while using .tterm on a second computer

Michael Beijer michael at wordbook.nl
Fri Jan 20 12:38:37 EST 2012

Hello David,

It seems to be working as you said. That is, it seems to be looking for the
images relative to the .tterm or .tldict file. I have entered 'Images/' in
Termbase > Properties > sound/images path (in tlTerm). I have placed all of
my images in a folder called 'Images' directly in the 'tlTerm2011'
application folder.

The reason I was asking about the location of the image folders, and looking
into the option of portability, is that I would like to share my dictionary
with my mother and brother (both translators too), and so was thinking of
trying to make a custom Windows installer that would include the tlReader
installer, as well as the Images (folder) my dictionary uses, and that
would actually put it in the correct place automatically. They are not
extremely technical people and so I would like to be able to just send them
one installer that would work without them having to fiddle with anything.

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