[Tshwanelex-l] tlTerm UI suggestion

David Joffe david.joffe at tshwanedje.com
Mon Feb 6 18:48:32 EST 2012


I've implemented a basic form of this, which should be in the very 
next build - it's not perfect, but should help a bit already. Thanks 
again for the suggestion! (Screenshot in next mail)

 - David

On 21 Jan 2012 at 1:11, Michael Beijer wrote:

From:	Michael Beijer <michael at wordbook.nl>
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Subject:	[Tshwanelex-l] tlTerm UI suggestion

> Hello list members/David,
> I have been using tlTem quite extensively now for a few days and I have a question.
> When I have a concept with many Dutch and English (and maybe Germen and French) terms, 
> and I want to add attributes like 'Domain', 'UsageLabel' and 'PartPfSpeech', I am quickly 
> presented with a very long/wide scrolling window, where all of the different terms are labelled 
> exactly the same. For example, each of the say 5 Dutch 'synonyms' might be labelled the as: 
> 'Dutch::Source', 'Dutch::UsageLabel', etc
> See screenshot: http://wordbook.nl/screenshots/tlTerm-UI-suggestion2.jpg
> I then have to scroll along and try to figure out which corresponds to which. 
> Wouldn't it be better if these were replaced with the actual words? This would be a hell of a lot 
> easier to spot.
> Regards,
> Michael
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