[Tshwanelex-l] Is there any way to make certain text invisible in the preview window?

Michael Beijer michael at wordbook.nl
Sun Mar 18 21:21:30 EDT 2012

Hello David and list members,

I have another question.

Is there any way to make certain entries invisible in the preview
window? Something
like the very useful italic (%i) code, but for invisible text.

The reason I am asking is the following:

I have certain concepts where I would like to hide specific entries from
view. E.g.:

belanghebbende partij
tussenkomende partij

*partij, belanghebbende*
*partij, tussenkomende*

interested party
intervening party

*party, interested*
*party, intervening*

I would like all of the words in between asterisks to appear in the tree
view and the editor, but not in the preview area.

Would this be possible?

PS: I tried: right-click: Element  > Styles: 'toggle visible', but this
seems to do something different to this.



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