[Tshwanelex-l] problem with arabic display

Isabella Chiari isabella.chiari at uniroma1.it
Wed Mar 28 18:48:00 EDT 2012

I am experiencing the following problem.

I am using Tshwanelex Mac, I have a complex multilingual dictionary, whose
entries are in Arabic (while most of the text elements, etc. are in Latin

In the input mask I always see correctly the Arabic form I write, while in
the preview window I see it correctly only if I set Dictionary options to
right to left (I tried changing fonts also but that did not work), otherwise
I see the letters unconnected and in reverse order.

The problem is that if I select right to left than all the syntax in the
fields is inverted (places of separators among fields and also I would need
to type filed names in the reverseŠ).

How can I work with both Arabic and Latin (left to right) in different
fields of the dictionary? Is it possible?
Thank you in advance for your advices,

Isabella Chiari

Dipartimento di Scienze documentarie, linguistico-filologiche e geografiche

Università di Roma ³La Sapienza²

pl.le Aldo Moro, 5, III Piano, Edificio ex Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia,
00185 Roma, tel. +30 06 4991 3575

E.mail: isabella.chiari at uniroma1.it

Website: www.alphabit.net

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