[Tshwanelex-l] Is there any way to make certain text invisible in the preview window?

Malcolm MacLeod malcolm.macleod at tshwanedje.com
Thu Mar 29 02:32:40 EDT 2012

Hello Michael,
> I have another question.
> Is there any way to make certain entries invisible in the preview 
> window? Something like the very useful italic (%i) code, but for 
> invisible text.
> The reason I am asking is the following:
> I have certain concepts where I would like to hide specific entries 
> from view. E.g.:
> -----
> belanghebbende partij
> tussenkomende partij
> *partij, belanghebbende*
> *partij, tussenkomende*
> interested party
> intervening party
> *party, interested*
> *party, intervening*
> -----
> I would like all of the words in between asterisks to appear in the 
> tree view and the editor, but not in the preview area.
> Would this be possible?
> PS: I tried: right-click: Element > Styles: 'toggle visible', but this 
> seems to do something different to this.
Toggle visible will make all occurrences of that element visible/invisible.

In order to do what you are looking for you will need to use the TLex 
"Masks" feature. You should be able to find a decent amount of 
information on how to setup masks in the documentation.
Roughly the following needs to be done:
1) Create a list attribute on the element that you want to sometimes be 
visible and sometimes hide
2) Add values to this list so that you can use this attribute to 
distinguish between the ones you want to show/hide
3) Go to "Format->Styles" and then click on the "Masks" tab, select the 
element and then add a mask for the list/values you want

You should now see that when you change the attributes list value 
selection the element will become visible/invisible in the preview based 
on the selection.
At this point you can also set up multiple stylesets (with different 
masks) so that you can easily change between the elements been visible 
or not (if needed) - you might also find it helpful to look at the 
Samples, there is a "multiple stylesets with masks" sample which should 
be useful to look at.

Malcolm MacLeod
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