[Tshwanelex-l] problem with arabic display

Isabella Chiari isabella.chiari at uniroma1.it
Thu Mar 29 06:14:20 EDT 2012

Thank you very much, this helps me a lot!
I can sort out things: I actually needed some attributes to contain both
right to left and left to right, but I can split in two different
attributes data in order to make it work.

On 29/03/12 08.36, "Malcolm MacLeod" <malcolm.macleod at tshwanedje.com>

>Hello Isabella,
>> I am experiencing the following problem.
>> I am using Tshwanelex Mac, I have a complex multilingual dictionary,
>> whose entries are in Arabic (while most of the text elements, etc. are
>> in Latin characters).
>> In the input mask I always see correctly the Arabic form I write,
>> while in the preview window I see it correctly only if I set
>> Dictionary options to right to left (I tried changing fonts also but
>> that did not work), otherwise I see the letters unconnected and in
>> reverse order.
>> The problem is that if I select right to left than all the syntax in
>> the fields is inverted (places of separators among fields and also I
>> would need to type filed names in the reverseŠ).
>> How can I work with both Arabic and Latin (left to right) in different
>> fields of the dictionary? Is it possible?
>You need to mark the individual fields (attributes) as been left to
>right rather than the entire dictionary. You can do this with the
>following steps:
>1) Go into the DTD editor
>2) Selecting the element in the list on the left
>3) Select the attribute in the list at the bottom
>4) Tick the "right to left" checkbox (on the right)
>5) Close the DTD editor
>The above advice assumes that the Arabic text has its own attribute and
>doesn't share an attribute with text of other languages (which is the
>usual way of doing things). If you need them to be in the same attribute
>then this will create difficulties, however please let me know if this
>is what you are trying to do and I will see if I can advise you.
>Malcolm MacLeod

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