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I sent this email but apparently it was held up in the queue subject to
approval due to its size.  Please advise on how to submit the full email so
everyone can see it. I had to delete the sample screen snapshots as, I would
presume, they were exceeding the email size limit (my email size was 113k).





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In my project, I have multilingual entries with English as a main source
language and Arabic, Kurdish, and Syriac as target languages. The latter are
all RTL scripts. I would like to see the entry when exported to rtf, appear
like the first instance of "absentee voting" vs. the exported instance just
below it. Basically, I want the RTL scripts to be right-aligned against the
left-aligned English lemma. I created the desired entry in WORD using a
table. In TLex (the second instance of"absentee voting" ) , each of the
three subentries are TE's for the English entry and they are defined in DTD
as RTL and in the style output as right aligned (in the Styles/Indent and
Spacing dialog box -Paragraph not checked). However, .[More after this image


****************** Deleted screen snapshots ******************************



Two issues (related to the three RTL lines after "absentee voting" lemma

1)      Tlex output and RTF output don't match (I am using office
Professional 2010)

2)      Is there a way to align the first RTL entry with English entry just
like the table entry I created in the first screen shot above [since I made
the Arabic TE a paragraph, there is a line between English lemma entry and
Arabic TE? [I can live with it if it can't be done easily).








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