[Tshwanelex-l] Reverse function: TE added only from direct parent

David Lindemann david at pol-pol.org
Wed May 2 17:08:17 EDT 2012


I'm working on a proper DTD for a new dictionary project (DE-EU). I made 
the decision to have my entries structured in part-of-speech-sections:

<order_element elementname="Lemma">
<order_element elementname="Section">
<order_element elementname="Sense">
<order_element elementname="TE">

German bilingual dictionaries often are organized like this; An example, 
sections begin with roman numbers:

*absetzen */brz. /*I */tr./h/*1***/(txapela, betaurrekoak) /*kendu**; 
**erantzi****2***/(zama, bidaiari) /*utzi**; 
**laga****3****kargugabetu****4***Ekon***saldu****5****? */von der 
Steuer absetzen /zergatik kendu*6***/(sendagaia) /(*hartzeari*) 
*utzi****7***/(filmea, antzezlana) /(*karteletik*) *kendu****II 
*/intr./h//(hitz egiten, idazten) /*eten**; **gelditu****III 
*/rflx./h/*1***/lgart./***a****ihes egin**; **hanka 
egin****b****erbesteratu****2****jalki**; **sedimentatu***

My problem is that my "section" element brings a gap between the lemma 
sign and the TE, so the Reverse function won't add any TE's to the 
created entries, as it seems that the Reverse function only looks in the 
direct parent of a TE for its equivalent LemmaSign.

Any ideas to solve this? For example, can I create a dummy lemmasign in 
every "Section" that ist automatically copied from its parent "Lemma", 
could this work?

Thanks in advance for any advice! And thanks for this great software!

David Lindemann


David Lindemann
UPV-EHU University of the Basque Country
PhD candidate
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