[Tshwanelex-l] sending sample to a 3rd party; configuring sorting

Menan Du Plessis menan.du.plessis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 02:19:00 EDT 2012

Hi everyone.

I need to send a sample soon to the people who run the electronic archive
(ELAR, at SOAS) where our material will be deposited.  (Am working on an
extremely endangered language, with essentially one last speaker, who is
100 years old.)  So my first urgent question is:

Q:  How do I organize my sound files plus the dictionary so that my
recipient will be able to click on the icon and hear the recorded examples
I have linked to my entries?   Is there a way to put them both into one
folder, and then specify the directory in a neutral way, i.e. that doesn't
include a drive on my own computer as part of the address?

And my second urgent question is:

Q:  How do I configure the sorting where digraphs, trigraphs (and
polygraphs) need to be accommodated on the first pass?

I know that David will soon be getting to me with advice on the second
question - and I do understand that everyone has been super busy getting
the 2012 version ready for release ... () - but in the mean time, it occurs
to me that this must be a pretty common need, so I'd like to put it out
there, in case anyone else has already worked out how to do this?

I am starting to fret very slightly!
Best wishes,
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