[Tshwanelex-l] sending sample to a 3rd party; configuring sorting

David Joffe david.joffe at tshwanedje.com
Wed Aug 1 01:57:52 EDT 2012

Hi Menan,

On 17 Jul 2012 at 8:19, Menan Du Plessis wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I need to send a sample soon to the people who run the electronic 
> archive (ELAR, at SOAS) where our material will be deposited. (Am 
> working on an extremely endangered language, with essentially one last 
> speaker, who is 100 years old.) So my first urgent question is:
> Q: How do I organize my sound files plus the dictionary so that my 
> recipient will be able to click on the icon and hear the recorded 
> examples I have linked to my entries? Is there a way to put them both 
> into one folder, and then specify the directory in a neutral way, i.e. 
> that doesn't include a drive on my own computer as part of the address? 

If I understand correctly (not sure I have) - then yes, I think so. 
You can either by default place them 'in the same folder as the 
tldict file', and it will by default look for them there (unless my 
memory is serving me wrong now) - or you can place them in a 
specified folder *relative* to the tldict file, that can be 
configured in 'Dictionary/Properties', e.g. if you specify in that 


then place them in a subdirectory 'Sounds' relative to the tldict 
file, it should just work once you add them.

Note in terms of adding many files, you might be interested in the 
'automatically link sound files' feature under the Tools menu 
(though it's not the most user-friendly yet - I can help show you 
how to get it working). If you name your sound files systematically 
(e.g. lemmasign.wav or lemmasign.mp3 or lemmasign_homnum.mp3), then 
that can be used to automatically link thousands of sound files to 
their appropriate entries within seconds.

> And my second urgent question is:
> Q: How do I configure the sorting where digraphs, trigraphs (and 
> polygraphs) need to be accommodated on the first pass?
> I know that David will soon be getting to me with advice on the second 
> question - and I do understand that everyone has been super busy getting 
> the 2012 version ready for release ... () - but in the mean time, it 
> occurs to me that this must be a pretty common need, so I'd like to put 
> it out there, in case anyone else has already worked out how to do this?

We are working on this - soon, hopefully! Quite a few people asking 
for this now.

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