[Tshwanelex-l] Export data base to a new TshwaneLex data base

David Joffe david.joffe at tshwanedje.com
Tue May 28 08:34:32 EDT 2013

Hi Constanza,

1) Hmm, I'd say that sounds like a bug. There should be a quick and 
easy fix/workaround though, in the new file, go to 'Dictionary / 
Configure sorting' and click 'Re-sort entries' - this also 
recalculates the automatic numbers. (Alternatively, what should also 
work, is 'Tools / Database administration; Analyze; Repair').

2) I'm not sure I quite fully understand the purpose here, by 
'terms' do you mean you want e.g. just the headwords (lemma signs) 
themselves from one TLex database, into a new one?

If so, there are a few ways (if not, then let me know):

1. With the filter applied in the original file (OR from the 
exported 'filtered' file), you can use 'Edit / Copy entry list' to 
copy the headwords to the system clipboard
2. Open a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and paste the headword list, 
and save the file (e.g. as HeadwordList.txt)

1. and 2. With the file applied in the original (OR from the 
exported 'filtered' file), use 'File / Export / lemma signs' (with 
'Use filters' ticked), and save as e.g. HeadwordList.txt


3. Close existing database
4. Do 'File / New' (then enter settings, then 'OK') to create a 
blank database (OR, see 4b below if you want to retain your original 
DTD i.e. fields and Styles)
5. Go to 'File / Import Wordlist or CSV'
6. Select HeadwordList.txt
7. Tick 'Always create new entries'
8. Depending on preference, untick 'Mark imported entries as 
9. Click OK

4b: If you want to retain your original DTD i.e. fields 
(elements/attributes) and Styles at this step, then there are at 
least three possible methods. First, do 'File / Create a backup' (in 
case something goes wrong). Then:

4b, method 1: Create a blank database by opening the ORIGINAL 
database, and creating a filter that lets through nothing, i.e. go 
straight to Filter (F5), tick the first condition under "Show:" i.e. 
"[Tagged]" and click the "Apply" button. Then use 'File / Save a 
copy / TLex file', tick 'Use filters', and save under a new name 
e.g. Blank.tldict. Then close original database, and open 
Blank.tldict. Then proceed from step 5.

4b, method 2: Open the ORIGINAL database, then select 'Edit / Tag 
all', then select 'Lemma / Delete all tagged entries'. (For 
technical reasons this can be somewhat slow if you have many 
entries.) Then, NB, be very careful not to hit 'save' now (or you 
will overwrite your original database with a blank one!), but 'File 
/ SAVE AS' and save under a new name e.g. Blank.tldict. Then proceed 
from step 5.

4b, method 3: (This is a bit more technical, I recommend rather 
method 1 or 2.) Open original database, and select 'Dictionary / 
Save DTD template'. Close original database. Do 'File / New', and in 
the 'New' dialog, under 'Advanced / Load DTD template from file' 
select your saved DTD template file.

 - David

On 28 May 2013 at 14:02, Constanza Cervino wrote:

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Subject:	[Tshwanelex-l] Export data base to a new TshwaneLex data base

>     Dear all,
>     I am trying to find out a couple of things:
> 1)  Whenever I filter the final terms of a dictionary, the homonym numbers are not 
>     automatically reestablished. That is, imagine that I have these homonyms:
> a.  Entry1
> b.  Entry2
>     But I just want to filter and export "Entry2", it still keeps the homonym number "2". Is there any 
>     automated way of doing this more efficiently?
> 2)  Would it be possible to export the filtered terms from one TLex database into a new 
>     empty TLex database?
>     Thank you in advance.
>     All the best,
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