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Constanza Cervino constanza.cervino at lideditorial.com
Mon Dec 16 08:01:56 EST 2013

Dear David,

I bought the complete pack of TshwaneLex and I would like to start working with the TL Corpus. It is the first time that I use some kind of software to extract terminology, so maybe I am using it wrongly.

I was wondering if it was possible to extract terminological units instead of just simple words (that means, concepts that are named with more than one word).

Thank you in advance.

All the best,

Constanza Cervino 
Editora jefa de Diccionarios LID

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Yes, sure!

Here you are: the Tlex file, the exported xml and the Excel file, as well as a brief explanation in Word of the problem I am encountering while exporting our dictionary.

Thank you very much in advance.

All the best,

Constanza Cervino 
Editora jefa de Diccionarios LID

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Hi Constanza,

Hmm, would it be possible for you to send me a TLex file with some entries showing the problem? I'd like to try follow your same process here to see what/where/why is happening.

Kind regards,

 - David Joffe

On 2 Aug 2013 at 18:02, Constanza Cervino wrote:

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>     Good afternoon,
>     My clients need to have our dictionary in Access format. I have tried to convert the Tlex content 
>     into "XML (Formated)", but once I open it with Excel (to have each entity separated in columns) 
>     the definition and equivalence do not appear, meanwhile it does work with the lemmas and 
>     other fields (that is, the fields for definitions and equivalences that have been originally 
>     programmed within TshwaneLex apparently are not exportable, but the fields that I create for 
>     my purposes as a user are, indeed, being exported into Excel).
>     Is there any way to solve this?
>     Thank you in advance.
>     All the best,
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