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Geoff TOISTER gat178 at 012.net.il
Thu Aug 27 09:05:46 EDT 2015

Hi TLex Users,

I am looking for an SQL site builder along the lines of Wix or Weebly. Can anyone recommend a site builder that will enable me to integrate files from the ‘TLex Online Publishing’ exporter ?

The 'HTML (Web Page)' exporter generates static HTML files that can be easily uploaded to a website. However, it will not have functionality such as a pre-generated search index, search box, or advanced features like a user logon system, title/bouquet restriction abilities, or advanced search logs (as these features generally require functionality beyond what 'plain' HTML is capable of).

The 'TLex Online Publishing' exporter generates and/or publishes SQL data for (and is typically used in conjunction with) a 'TLex Online Publishing server' (available separately, or this could also be used by a programmer to implement something similar). The TLex Online Publishing system includes functionality such as pre-generated search index, search box, and advanced features like user management, title/bouquet restriction abilities, and advanced search logs.

The italicised text above comes from the Export Options page and outlines the problem.

With thanks to all readers of this message,
Geoff Toister

Geoff Toister
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