[Tshwanelex-l] Filter using list of lemma signs

Malcolm MacLeod malcolm.macleod at tshwanedje.com
Mon Feb 22 13:58:51 EST 2016

Hello Pawel,
Offhand I can't think of any direct way of doing this - i.e. a feature
actually targeted at this.
However it could be done with a relatively simple 'LUA script' filter.
One other trick I can think of to accomplish this is as follows:
1) Turn your lemma sign list into a large regular expression of the
form: ^lemmasign1$|^lemmasign2$|^lemmasign3$
Add an extra |^...$ for each word in the list, you can convert from
e.g. an excel list of words to a regexp like this relatively easily
using a text editor like notepad++ or similar.
2) In the TLex search dialog, limit the search to the Entry::LemmaSign
3) Tick the "regular expression" search box
4) Paste the regular expression in
5) Search
6) Click the link to turn the search results into a filter.
Hope this helps.
Malcolm MacLeod
> I am wondering if there is a possibility to filter entries using list
> of lemma signs?
> Any suggestions?
> Regards
> Paweł
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