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Ashin Tharana monksarana at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 03:11:27 EDT 2017

May I please know how to search and filter duplicates across the database?
For example, searching every two or more terms which have same Burmese,
English, and Czech translation equivalent (each of them given as an

Fanouts do not help me to search and filter the duplicates...
Well, I would like to filter the duplicates, so that I can work on them
specifically. For example, I would tag all the duplicates and delete them.
This is the purpose - to find the duplicates (by specific attributes) and
delete them at once after some recheck. Is that possible in the UI (i.e.
the graphic user interface of TLex), or should a Lua script be written for
that? Please note that I plan to increase the database to ca. 300 000 terms.
In "Termbase" / "Error Check" I get a list of "Duplicate translation
equivalents". Would it be possible to apply a "filter" from the list and
perhaps make further such listing by other attributes of those filtered
terms? Or should a Lua script be made for that?
Also, in "Termbase" / "Show Full Statistics" there are these "Values" links
for each Attribute. Would it be possible to make a sorting or filtering
based on those values? (E.g. tick boxes next to each of the higher numbers
in a specific Values box to get them filtered?) Or should a Lua Script be
made for that? :-)

I asked this in a comment of a TLex Youtube video, but I didn't get any
answer... I believe this is an important ability in a dictionary making
program. For example, Excel has it. But exporting hundreds of thousands of
terms into Excel and back might not work out well...

Hopefully someone can help me in this :-)
Thank you :-)
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