[Tshwanelex-l] Easter Update release candidate

David Joffe david.joffe at tshwanedje.com
Mon Mar 19 09:35:46 EDT 2018

FYI, the upcoming free Easter Update (for TLex, tlTerm, tlDatabase) 
is basically now at a 'feature-complete' stage, and ready for use - 
some big new features. This is not yet the official release, it 
includes all the new functionality but it needs a bit more 
testing/refinement still - we will be doing a bit more testing/fixes 
before the 'official' Easter release; please try it out and send any 
feedback to us. To try it out just update the usual way, eg 'Help / 
Check for updates' etc. (unless you're on a special version of 

Some of the features (added since the 14 February Valentine's Day 
Update) include a new Preview Area toolbar, integrated spellchecking 
(Windows-only for now), Excel importer, TMX mode, XLIFF mode, 
'generic XML' mode in which one can load 'any XML document', 
bulk-import/convert from TMX and XLIFF functionality, a new 
'extensions' system, more right-to-left (Arabic/Hebrew etc.) 
improvements ... some of these changes, apart from being useful, are 
also being laid as foundation for more future possible big new 
functionality (e.g. integrated Web API server etc. and a few other 
ideas we're working on.)

Official list of changes:


Note we also have a (very) informal development livestream where you 
can check out development.

 - David

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