[Tshwanelex-l] lua script to change the sense and subsense numbering in smart cross-references

Toma Tasovac ttasovac at humanistika.org
Sat Jun 15 12:26:13 EDT 2019


I’ve created a lua script to style subsense numbers using Cyrillic letters (а., б., в., г., д. etc.) since the default auto-numbering mechanism in T-Lex does not support Cyrillic strings. 

The problem is that smart cross-references to subsenses are still created using the default autonumbering. So in the senses we have 1a, 1б, 1в, and in cross-references, 1a, 1b, 1c etc.

Can we manipulate the way sense and subsense numbers are styled and displayed in smart cross-references using lua smart styles? If so, does anybody have an example that they could share or some tips to point me in the right direction?

All best,

Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities

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