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Dear all,

sorry for multiple e-mails but I'm sendinding along an index to the 
reading packet for Friday's discussion as well as a partial 
bibliography provided by David Jackson for anyone who wants to follow 
up on the Brazilian concrete poets.


Guest speaker: K. David Jackson
Contents of the Packet 
“Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry” (1958) 
Azeredo, Ronald.  “Ruasol” 
Pignatari, Décio.  “Beba Coca Cola.” 
Campos, Augusto de.  “Olho por Olho” 
Campos, Augusto de.  “Tensão” 
Campos, Haroldo de.  “Nascemorre” 
Campos, Augusto de.  “Pentahexagrama para John Cage” 
Campos, Augusto de.  “Memos” 
Campos, Augusto de.  “Pós-tudo” 
Translation of e.e. cummings by Augusto de Campos, “Grasshopper” 
Translation of fragment of Finnegan’s Wake by Haroldo de Campos 
First fragment/chapter of Galáxias, novel by Haroldo de Campos, read 
in translation by Suzanne Jill Levine (tape) [1963-76; 1st ed. 1984; 
2nd ed. 2004] 
Fragment/chapter of Galáxias with translation by A.S. Bessa 
Some recommended readings in English:
Campos, Haroldo de.  Novas: Selected Writings.  A. S. Bessa and Odile 
Cisneros, orgs.  Evanston:  Northwestern UP, 2005 (October).
Clüver, Claus.  “Languages of the Concrete Poem.”  In K. David 
Jackson, ed.  Transformations of Literary Language in Latin American 
Literature.  Austin:  Abaporu, 1987: 32-43.
Clüver, Claus.  “Reflections on Vervocovisual Ideograms.”  Poetics 
Today 3.2 (Summer 1982): 137-48.
Greene, Roland.  “From Dante to the Post-Concrete: An Interview with 
Augusto de Campos.”  Harvard Library Bulletin 3.2 (Summer 1992): 19-
Jackson, K.D., Vos, E. and Drucker, J., eds.  Experimental­Visual­
Concrete: Avant-Garde Poetry Since the 1960s.  Amsterdam:  Rodopi, 
Jackson, K. David.  "Brazilian World Concrete."  Review: Latin 
American Literature and Arts 64 <New York> (Spring 2002): 35-36.
Jackson, K. David.  "Literature and Criticism of the Brazilian 
Concrete Poets."  Proceedings of the Pacific Northwest Council on 
Foreign Languages 29.1 (1978): 104-05.
Perloff, Marjorie.  “ ‘Concrete Prose’ in the Nineties: Haroldo de 
Campos’s Galáxias and After.”  Contemporary Literature 42.2 (Summer 
2001): 270-93.
Perrone, Charles A.  “The Imperative of Invention: Brazilian Concrete 
Poetry and Intersemiotic Creation.”  Harvard Library Bulletin 3.2 
(Summer 1992): 44-53.
Pignatari, Décio.  “The Concrete Poets of Brazil.”  Times Literary 
Supplement <London> (Sept. 3, 1966): 791.
Pignatari, Décio; Tolman, Jon.  “Concrete Poetry: A Brief Structural-
Historical Guideline.”  Poetics Today 3.3 (Summer 1982): 189-95.
Rodgers, Frederick George.  The Literary Background of Brazilian 
Concrete Poetry: The Impact of Pound, Mallarmé and Other Major Writers 
on the Noigandres Group.  Diss. Indiana U, 1974.  
Solt, Mary Ellen.  Concrete Poetry: A World View.  Bloomington:  
Indiana U P, 1968.
Tolman, Jon M.  “The Context of a Vanguard: Toward a Definition of 
Concrete Poetry.”  Poetics Today 3.3 (Summer 1982): 149-166.

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