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November 2-3 @ 8pm, Colonel Zoo (Le colonel des zouaves) by Olivier
Presented by In Parentheses, directed by Ludovic Lagarde & starring
Laurent Poitrenaux

How does a man in trouble find his voice when he is the only one to
hear it? Banished to his basement room, a zealous butler resolves to
gain control over every detail of his job and thus, he imagines, his

59E59 Theaters - Theater B (59 East 59th Street) In French with English
titles - http://www.59E59.org

November 6 @ 6pm, Reading Concert: Olivier Cadiot will read from his
unpublished works, Texts inédits with musician Benoit Delbecq and the
American poet Charles Bernstein. In French and English.

59E59 Theaters – Theater B (59 East 59th Street) http://www.59E59.org

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