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richard.deming at yale.edu richard.deming at yale.edu
Sun Oct 15 15:39:24 EDT 2006

Dear Friends,

the minutes of Friday's terrific session with Jermoe Rothenberg are forthcoming.
 In the meantime I wanted to pass along two announcements.  The first is that
for our next session (Nov. 3) we will be reading the work of Fanny Howe.  Howe
herself will be reading this Weds at 4 PM in the Beinecke.  Howe has twice been
shortlisted for the Griffin Prize.  A link provides her bio and the judges'
citation of her work. http://www.griffinpoetryprize.com/shortlist_2005.php?t=4

I also wanted to give word of an important symposium entitled "Why Transation
Matters" that will be held on Tuesday the 17th at 4.30 in the auditorium of the
Whitney Humanities Center.  The moderators are Peter Cole
(poet/translator/editor and Yale's Franke Visiting Fellow)and John Donatich of
the Yale UP.

Panelists include:
Edith Grossman (http://www.themodernword.com/gabo/gabo_PEN_grossman.html)
Eliot Weinberger (http://www.fascicle.com/issue01/Poets/weinberger1.htm);
William Ganara (http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~nelc/faculty/granara.htm); and
Richard Sieburth

One imagines that anyone on this list would have keen interest in this panel of
some of the most important translators now working.

And so,
Richard Deming, Intelligence Operator

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