[Wgcp-whc] Copies available & readings for tomorrow

richard.deming at yale.edu richard.deming at yale.edu
Thu Oct 9 13:39:58 EDT 2008

Dear Poeticians,

just a note to say there just a few copies of Palmer's book Company of Moths now
on the shelf available to anyone who doesn't have either a photocopy or the book

The other book, _Active Boundaries_, is all gone.  A few people have inquired
about perhaps prioritizing the reading of essays in that book of essays.  The
recommendation might be to concentrate on the essay that gives the collection
its title, Active Boundaries.  This essay is also available as a lecture in Mp3
found at one of the URLs I sent yesterday.  The other essay that might be most
generative "Counterpoetics and Active Practice." Both of these essays are older
(from the mid 1980s and early 90s) but give an idea of the context that Palmer's
work is both forming and participating in.

Until tomorrow,

Richard Deming

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