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Richard Deming richard.deming at yale.edu
Tue Apr 21 21:39:56 EDT 2009

Dear All--

  I just wanted to send a reminder about the session this Fri the  
24th when we will be joined by Professor Steve Evans of UMaine,  
Orono. Evans will be talking about  "The Poetics of Phonotextuality"-- 
or the sound(s) of sounding poetry.  Evans will offer "a systematic  
introduction to an exciting new development in the field of poetics  
(and literary studies more generally), the emergence of  
'phonotextual' studies concerned with the analysis and interpretation  
of poems not just as printed texts but as voiced structures whose  
meaning can be 'sounded' as well as seen."

Evans is at the forefront of this field, as the links below will attest.

Evans has sent a list of audio links that will set up this  
conversation.  It is very important that people listen to the first  
one, as that will take the place of any formal talk or paper.  It  
only takes about 50 minutes to listen to.

A bio of Evans is here: http://www.thirdfactory.net/evans.html

Discussion with Al Filreis (approx. 50 minutes)

Lipstick of Noise - linking & listening to poetry audio files

Writers House Podcast (approx. 18 minutes)

Robert Kelly on Paul Blackburn's tape recording

The Poetics of Phonotextuality (graduate level seminar, spring 2009)

Poetry in the Age of the MP3 (graduate level seminar, August 2007)

Poetry in the Age of the MP3 (undergraduate seminar, fall 2008)

This meeting will be 3-5 on Friday the 24th.  We will be meeting in  
the Beinecke again  so that Evans can play audiofiles and so forth.   
Be sure to spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

In a related event, Jennifer Moxley and G. E. Patterson will read at  
4 PM on Thursday the 23rd at the Beinecke.

Richard Deming, Co-coordinator and WGCP DJ.
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