? re the mentoring program

wmw at mailman.yale.edu wmw at mailman.yale.edu
Wed Oct 11 21:39:29 EDT 2006

I am a new graduate student- having started in the nursing management policy and
leadership specialty this semester- I signed up for the list serv for mentoring
and work like to attend some functions - but find I do not understand many of
the abbreviations- for example there is a talk on wednesday the 16th about work
life balance i would like to attend- where is HGS 19A? Also I would like to be
paired with a falculty mentor- am I eligible?

Thank you - just trying to find a way to get more involved in what is going on-
The  program I am in is part time so I am a little bit on the outside - I work
at the health system so I am lucky in that I  can take advantage of programs
and wanted to feel  a part of the Yale community.


Ellen V Makar RN

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