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Dear Women Mentoring Women Member,
Thank you for your interest in the Women Mentoring Women (WMW) program!
Details regarding WMW events planned for the month of September are provided
below along with a list of ongoing WMW services.  We sincerely hope that you
will be able to join us at one or more of these events.  If you have any
questions, please write to us at  <mailto:wmw at yale.edu> wmw at yale.edu. 
Jessica M. Cronce, 2006-2007  Women Mentoring Women McDougal Fellow 
Yuenan Wang, 2006-2007  Women Mentoring Women McDougal Fellow 
Kathryn Douglas, Assistant Director, McDougal Graduate Student Center
Thursday, September 7th, 6 - 7 p.m., HGS dining hall 

Join Prof. Kaplan for dinner and discussion.  Hear about key professional
and personal experiences that have shaped her career and life paths, and
general thoughts and advice on professional success and personal balance.
For more information on Prof. Kaplan, visit her departmental web site:
Limited to 8 ; registration required.  To register, go to  www.yale.edu/wmw.

Monday, September 18, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., HGS 119B 
Being a mentor and finding mentors is a life-long activity, in life and
career, in academia, in non-profit work and in the private sector. Women
Mentoring Women invites you to join them for a panel presentation on
mentoring, featuring Associate Dean Pamela Schirmeister, William Rando,
Director of the Graduate Teaching Center, and Jessica Cronce, G4 in the
Psychology PhD program. The focus of the panel will be on differentiating
advising from mentoring and elucidating the main qualities of an outstanding
mentor.   Registration requested.   To register, visit www.yale.edu/wmw and
click on the appropriate registration link or e-mail wmw at yale.edu.
Refreshments will be served. 
Monday, September 25th, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m., HGS 119B 
Join WMW for a discussion on women's mentoring and the effectiveness of
small mentoring groups. Faculty mentors from a variety of disciplines will
introduce themselves, and students will be encouraged to sign-up for ongoing
mentoring groups. Refreshments will be served. 
If you are a faculty member or postdoc and would like to participate as a
mentor, please e-mail  <mailto:wmw at yale.edu> wmw at yale.edu.  
Individuals who would like to attend the reception should register for the
event at  www.yale.edu/wmw or e-mail wmw at yale.edu.  
"Woman on Campus" monthly interview
WMW profiles students, faculty, postdocs and staff. If you are interested in
interviewing a faculty member, student or staff member on campus who you
think has a unique career path or mentoring story, please email us at
<mailto:wmw at yale.edu> wmw at yale.edu.  To view this month's interview with WMW
McDougal Fellow Yuenan Wang , go to
Take Your Mentor/Mentee to Lunch
M/M Lunch cards are available in the McDougal Center for students in GSAS
wishing to have lunch with their mentors in the HGS dining hall. Limit 2 per

Coffee Cards
Complimentary Blue Dog Cafe coffee cards are available in the McDougal
Center for student mentees and faculty mentors in GSAS wishing to meet over
coffee. Limit 2 per term.
Mentoring Books
The McDougal Center Resource Library has a variety of books on women's
mentoring, women in academia and mentoring in general. Search the database
(https://www-iisp1.its.yale.edu/mcdougal/book_search.asp) by keyword

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