WMW Mentoring Workshop starts Tuesday!

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Mon Feb 12 01:08:30 EST 2007

Dear WMW members,

Women Mentoring Women is co-sponsoring a 4-session workshop with the Graduate
Teaching Center on "How to be a Mentor."  The first session will be held this
coming Tuesday, February 13, from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM in HGS 119.  The remaining
sessions will be held on the following three Tuesdays (February 20, 27 & March
6) at the same time and location.

The goal of this 4-session workshop is to accelerate the process of learning to
be a mentor--a role and skill needed in both academic and non-academic
work--through discussion of relevant topics (e.g., how to work with diverse
students, improve communication, and address challenging situations) and
practical experience (e.g., role plays and group exercises).  Our hope is that
graduate students and post-docs who complete the workshop will have articulated
their personal style and philosophy of mentoring, and have a toolbox of
strategies they can use to deal with the full range of situations they will
face (or already face) as mentors.

This event is open to both male and female graduate students and post-docs. 
Please register at http://www.yale.edu/wmw.

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