Every Other Wednesday TONIGHT 5:00pm Blue Dog

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Wed Oct 3 12:41:37 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Do you enjoy hot drinks, lively discussion, and meeting new colleagues?

Then please join us TONIGHT for Women Mentoring Women's Every Other Wednesday
kick-off event.

Every Other Wednesday
The Blue Dog Cafe Alcove (in the back)

Every Other Wednesday is a biweekly small group forum for female graduate and
professional students from all walks of life who gather to discuss the
intricacies, joys, and struggles of our academic profession. From guest
speakers to general group discussions, Every Other Wednesday provides a place
for you to learn and talk about our unique professions.

Tonight we will be meeting at the Blue Dog cafe for a brown-bag dinner.
Made-to-order drinks and a cafe snack of your choice will be our treat.

Come meet new colleagues and find a place to discuss life as a (female) graduate
student. As Ellen Daniell, author of "Every Other Thursday," posited, the
support of a group in academia is never a weakness. It can be, in fact, the
greatest boon and an asset in our often solitary professions.

We look forward to meeting you tonight!

See you soon,

~Mary Ellen Leuver
Jennifer Wellington
2007-2008 Women Mentoring Women Fellows

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