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Mon Sep 4 05:28:40 EDT 2006

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sees farthest who flies highest.
Adding masking tape to the battery to prevent wobble (view larger image) 

Left Side (view larger image)	
The keyboard I like. Quiet, a small amount of travel for the keys, very nice. This review was written on the S380 as the first long document I've created using it and it seems to work fine. It'll take a little time to unprogram my fingers that the PgUp and PgDn, Home and End keys are not down the right hand side. Instead they are blue FN-shifted from the arrow keys. This leads to moments where you think "To select the rest of the line... I need to use Fn... leftarrow... AND the Shift key". I'm sure patterns like Shift+Fn+PgDn will become second nature soon. The LCD controls on the Fn+F7 key pops up *BEEP!* an overlay display and you can select what action *BEEP!* *BEEP!* you want the graphics driver to do, including *BEEP!* bringing up the settings menu. Nicely done. 

fifty feet away, all in the flicker of an instant. Then he vanished  again

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