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I mentioned earlier that I own an S270, so some of this review will involve a comparison between the two.   The first thing to mention is the silver exterior. It is brushed silver and a welcome change to the fingerprint magnet black on my S270.  Also, the notorious "battery wiggle" that has plagued the S series has been greatly diminished. It is still there, but not as bad as I've seen on the S380 or on my S270.  The unit also has a "latchless" LCD, typical to the S-series line. I have worked on other Sony Laptops, specifically the FS and A Series, and the latches have broken off. So I guess Sony opted to remove the problem all together and reinforce the screen hinges below. On the S550, the hinges feel solid. There is zero screen wobble and when you close the LCD the unit stays closed. On my S270 the unit has screen and hinges feel just as tight as the day I unpacked it so I have to rate the design a very solid.

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