[YPA] One Week Left To Get Your Yale Postdoctoral Association T-Shirts

Hastings, Andrew andrew.hastings at yale.edu
Tue Aug 23 09:28:21 EDT 2016

Just a reminder that this is the last week to order a YPA t-shirt. Get your order in soon! We only order these shirts once a year, so make sure you pass this on to all the postdocs you know who might be interested!

Have you been looking for a way to represent your Yale postdoc pride!?

Have you seen someone walking around campus with a Yale postdoc t-shirt, and wished that you could have one of your own!?

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for friends and/or family!?

Well, your wait is over, because for only two weeks, beginning on August 12th, 2016, the YPA will once again be selling our exclusive and very popular YPA T-shirt! See the shirt design here: http://ypa.yale.edu/Tshirt

To avoid any problems with sizes and/or quantities, we have decided to pre-order these T-shirts before making them. Each T-shirt will cost $12 (this includes all taxes and fees), regardless of the size.

The pre-sale will be open for just two weeks until Friday, August 26th at midnight. After this date, we will place the order with Campus Customs and we should receive the T-shirts by September 7th. They will be available for pick up shortly thereafter. We will work with you to meet up and distribute the T-shirts as soon as we get them.

In order to expedite the process for you, your payment needs to be received on the same day as your order. The payment will be collected via Venmo with no fee if you use your debit card, or a 3% fee for you if you use your credit card. If you order a T-shirt and fail to make your payment, we will, unfortunately, not be able to order your T-shirt.

Please bear in mind that the YPA is run by current postdocs and we are placing the order for these T-shirts for you during our free-time with no profit. Please try to facilitate our task by being understanding of any delay and bear with us if any difficulties come up! If you have any issues with ordering or with the T-shirt once you receive it, please let us know at ypa at yale.edu<mailto:ypa at yale.edu>. Thank you and forward this message to all of your postdoc friends!

ORDER HERE B<https://goo.gl/forms/xpntD7UsDXQJACFY2>EFORE AUGUST 26<http://goo.gl/forms/xpntD7UsDXQJACFY2>


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