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Dear postdocs,

Please find bellow the minutes from Tuesday YPA steering committee meeting.  If you have suggestions or comments about any items and that you could attend our meeting, feel free to email ypa at yale.edu<mailto:ypa at yale.edu>. We really appreciate your feedback.

Don’t forgot, tonight is our monthly happy hour! Join us from 6 to 8 pm at Elm City Social to mingle and network with your fellow postdocs around a drink on a lovely rooftop. You don’t want to miss this one, they have rubber ducks literally swimming in some of their cocktails<http://www.trbimg.com/img-56379cc6/turbine/ctn-best-drinks-in-connecticut-pictures-012/1050/1050x591>!

This month<http://ypa.yale.edu/calendar> is rich in events for YPA: Talk about research funding from the European Union<http://ypa.yale.edu/event/professional-development-event-research-funding-european-union> (go get that EU money!), Day at the Yale Outdoor Center<http://ypa.yale.edu/event/day-yale-outdoor-center-oiss-event> (Yes, Yale owns a lake…), Last Saturday at the Museum<http://ypa.yale.edu/event/last-saturday-museum-center-british-art> at the Center for British Art (apparently they do a lot more than fish & chips!) and Postdocs at the Art and Ideas festival<http://ypa.yale.edu/event/postdocs-art-ideas-festival-cirque-mechanics> (free circus on the green!)

We hope to see you soon at one of our events! Don’t forget to join our Facebook group<https://www.facebook.com/groups/130052467082243/> and check our website for info, job offers and lots of resources<http://ypa.yale.edu/>!

[cid:image001.png at 01D1C89F.FAEC4B00]<http://ypa.yale.edu/>

Florian Carle<mailto:ypa at yale.edu%20> • Co-chair<http://ypa.yale.edu>

ypa.yale.edu<http://ypa.yale.edu> • Yale University<https://www.google.com/maps/place/Yale+University/@41.3163244,-72.9223431,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e7d9b6cd624945:0xae34a2c4b4d30427?hl=en>

YPA steering committee |MINUTES

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 | 6 pm | SHM C125A


Florian Carle                          Andrew Hastings                  Katherine Hastings               Sandra Martinez-Morilla                     Andrea   Mimee

Dragomir Milovanovic         Jens Jaeger                             Jianyu Wu (Daniel)               Vanessa Ducas                                       Xi Liu

Christoph Zimmer                 Bhalchandra Jadhav


Going forward the YPA will be organized into three subcommittees: Networking (Social events and community building), Communication (Websites, mailing lists, design of flyers/brand, social media, and t-shirts) and Professional Development (Career events, seminars, liaisons with CTL and OCS to facilitate activities with these groups).

                - Networking subcommittee coordinators: Sandra and Andrea

                                Member: Christoph

                - Professional Development subcommittee coordinators: Katherine and Jens

                                Members: Xi, Bhalchandra, Dragomir

                - Communication subcommittee coordinators: Shameela and Jianyu

Being a member on a subcommittee is flexible, members can serve on multiple subcommittees or organize other unrelated events as well.

The co-chairs and subcommittee coordinators will be meeting with John Alvaro on June 29 at 6pm in TAC S224. A debriefing to the rest of the YPA will be given during our next YPA meeting in July. Andrew and Florian will make a presentation based on the YPA events and budget spent this year.

Dragomir has been in touch with AYA (Association of Yale Alumni) to better include the postdocs in their programs. A new director will start in July, and a meeting will be organized with this new person to discuss how postdocs might be able to be a part of this organization (voting rights, alumni directory, stand-alone “sister” association). Jens, Christoph and Katherine have expressed interest in joining this meeting.

During our next meeting, we will debrief the data from the postdoc survey.


Congratulations to our newly appointed postdocs!

                - New Professional Development subcommittee coordinator: Katherine

                - New Museum Tour coordinators: Xi and Andrea

Shameela will be leaving in August, her position as Communication subcommittee coordinator will be appointed at the next meeting.


- Jens has volunteered to attend the postdoc orientation on June 16th

- Andrew will send out a draft of the flyers to the whole group after the edits from the previous feedbacks

- Jianyu will update the website and split the people page in three to reflect the subcommittees. Please send him a bio and a picture for the website.

- YPA website got 488 visits and 394 users in May (increased compared to April)

- We will be discussing YPA apparel at our next meeting


- Happy hour on June 17 at Elm City Social on the rooftop. Andrea will be in charge of July Happy Hour since Sandra is busy this month.

- Research funding from the European Union event will be hold on June 22. Please send this text and flyer (attached to this minutes) to your departments for a wide sharing. Vanessa will help Jens to pick up the food and drinks.
"The Yale Postdoctoral Association is organizing an information session on research funding from the European Union on June 22. The speaker will be Viktoria Bodnarova from the European Commission/EURAXESS Links North America, who advises researchers from America on European funding programs for all disciplines.

It would be great if you could pass the attached flyer on to the postdoctoral scholars and graduate students, as well as faculty members in our department. The European Union offers support for research from all disciplines and for people with any nationality at different stages of their careers. RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/YaleEU. If there are any questions, please email the organizer: jens.jaeger at yale.edu<mailto:jens.jaeger at yale.edu>."

- Last Saturday at the Museum on June 25 (Center for British Art this month). Vanessa will share emails and Eventbrite with Xi and Andrea for the next museum tours.

Upcoming events

- The golf event has been dropped.

- Negotiations for the The Yale Club of NYC reception is still ongoing. Christoph will update us on the date at the next meeting.

- A tour of the IPCH (Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage) on West Campus is being organized followed by a happy hour. Jens and Balu are in contact with MB&B on the West Campus.

- For our summer event, Andrea proposed a berry picking event. She is also looking into a wine tasting tour/event.

- Switch house (progressive) dinner party might be organized in September by Christoph

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