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Greetings Fellow Postodcs!

We held our monthly meeting last week, and wanted to send you the minutes so you could learn more about what the YPA is doing (see below). We also have a happy hour coming up on Friday from 6-8p at Anna Liffey’s on Whitney Ave. There will be drink specials and we will buy a few appetizers to share with everyone. We are also planning a picnic/cookout and a winery tour in June, so be on the lookout for more information on these two events coming soon!

As always, let us know if you have any questions/comments/concerns at ypa at yale.edu<mailto:ypa at yale.edu> and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!


Drew and Katherine, YPA Co-Chairs
ypa.yale.edu <http://ypa.yale.edu/>

[cid:image002.png at 01D2CD63.8891F950]YPA steering committee |MINUTES

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 | 6 pm | Medical Library L101A

Jenny Feng                              Kristen Murfin                         Katherine Hastings                  Mancy Tong
Judit Jimenez Sainz                  Andrew Hastings                    Mahdis Shayan                        Alexandre Jourdon
Courtney Frederick                 Christoph Zimmer                   Dragomir Milovanovic            Saman Doroodgar


·      Presented on remaining budget. ~$1000 remaining in budget until July. Discussed May/June potential events.

·      Andrew and Katherine met with Kim Goff-Crews to present NPA meeting report and YPA year-end summary. Very supportive. Interested in co-sponsoring events next year.

·      Summarized recent executive board meeting. In this meeting, we talked about modes of communication, roles of subcommittee coordinators, YPA financials and reimbursement process, and vision for next academic year.

·      Postdoc Buddy program presented by Christoph. Pairs new incoming postdocs with more established postdocs to help make the transition easier. Low and flexible time-commitment. Meeting afterward to discuss logistics. Working with Grace and the OPA to develop further.

·         New Openings for Executive Board Positions: Co-chair, Professional Development Subcommittee Coordinator (2), and Communications Officers. Nominations are open this month. Appointments made in June meeting for positions starting July 1st. More information on roles can be found here: http://ypa.yale.edu/YPA-mission-statement-and-bylaws-2017edit. E-mail co-chairs if interested.

Communication subcommittee

·         Dragomir is in communication with the Rivendell Institute. Some postdocs attended their recent Faculty Roundtable discussion on the ethical questions behind genome engineering. They expressed willingness to partner with us for a similar discussion session for postdocs.

·         All members of the YPA subcommittees should send their updated bios (no more than 120 words) and a picture to Daniel (jianyu.wu at yale.edu) to incorporate into the website.

·         YPA website had 805 visits from 559 unique users in April (591 visits from 412 unique users in February)

Advocacy subcommittee

·         Jenny F and Courtney presented on our meeting with the Title IX office on bystander intervention training. They will hold a training session with our executive board sometime soon, and continue to develop their program for the broader postdoc community.

·         Sam presented on the postdoc demographic data collected so far. Has limited data on the medical school postdocs and is working on drafting a survey to gather more information.

·         Discussed a ‘postdoc town-hall’ with the Deputy Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the Medical School to give an opportunity to hear from the postdoc community about concerns and issues they might have. Potential date in July.

Professional Development subcommittee

·         Postdoc Career Café: Demystifying the Grant Review Process was very successful. 42 participants and very positive feedback from surveys.

·         Discussions with CTL to create a grant writing workshop for postdocs.

Networking subcommittee/Upcoming events

·         Happy Hour at Anna Liffey’s from 6-8p on May 19th.

·         Last Saturday at the Museum at the British Art Gallery on May 27th.

·         First two Yale School of Music events were very successful:

     *   April 5th – Horowitz Piano Series with Melvin Chen. 22 Postdocs bought tickets.
     *   April 21st – Philharmonia Orchestra (Graduate Student Orchestra). 22 Postdocs bought tickets.

·         PEZ Factory Visit was very fun. Unfortunately, only 20 out of the 40 people who signed up ended up showing up for the bus. Discussed need to require payment of ticket for event in advance since renting a bus is a large expense.

·         Winery trip to Gouveia Vineyards on June 17th or 24th. YPA will team up with the OCS to pay for a bus. Cost of tickets should be ~$12 and include flight of 5 wines and a cellar and vineyard tour.

·         Summer cookout/picnic planned for mid-June.

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