[YPNG] YPNG Friday 21 Aug 2015 at 11:00

sekhar sekhar.tatikonda at yale.edu
Wed Aug 19 14:55:20 EDT 2015

Hi Everyone,
This week we have an external speaker in the YPNG:

Lizhong Peng, Peking University
Tensor Eigenvalue and Its Applications

We propose the definition of D-eigenvalue for an arbitrary order tensor 
related with a second-order tensor D, and introduce the 2-dimensional 
skewness tensor which involves a three-order tensor derived from the 
skewness statistic of gradient images. As we happen to find out that the 
skewness of oriented gradients can measure the directional 
characteristic of illumination in an image, the local illumination 
detection problem for an image can be abstracted as solving the largest 
D-eigenvalue of gradient image skewness tensors. We discuss the 
properties of D-eigenvalues, and especially for gradient skewness 
tensors we provide the calculation method of its D-eigenvalues and 
D-characteristic polynomial. Numerical experiments show its effective 
application in illumination detection. The method also presents 
excellent results in a class of image authenticity verification 
problems, which is to distinguish artificial flat objects in a 
photograph. Moreover, a series of algorithms are proposed to describe 
and analyze the natures of dynamic textures also. Experiments show that 
the methods are very effective in many applications, such as dynamic 
background subtraction, modeling, coding and classification of dynamic 
textures, and crowd density estimation.

See you this Friday at 11 in the Stat's classroom.


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