Art of the Fugue Revisited

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Wed Feb 25 15:08:15 EST 2004

	Our next concert, "The Art of the Fugue Revisited", will take place next 
Wednesday, March 3rd, at 9:00 pm in the Timothy Dwight College Common 
Room.  TD is accessible via the gate on Temple St between Grove and 
Wall.  We will be joined by Perry So on Harpsichord, and hope to see many 
of you there.  A few notes about the performance follow.

	The Art of the Fugue, one of Bach's master works, is considered to have 
been written for harpsichord.  However, as with much of Bach's music, 
ensembles of various types have undertaken to render idiomatic 
presentations of this most astonishing study of counter-punctual 
movement.  Our contribution to this heritage of experimentation is to mix 
the original version with a newer one.  The concert will begin with Brass. 
performing Contrapunctus 1 from the Canadian Brass arrangement of the 
cycle.  Then, at the opposite end of the room, Perry So will play the next 
Contrapunctus on harpsichord.  We will continue to alternate the sound as 
we progress through the piece, highlighting (as we hope) the complexity of 
the fugues.  The great 14th contrapunctus, which Bach left unfinished at 
the time of his death, we have opted to leave in its original form, 
eschewing various completions offered by later editors.
	The entire performance should take circa 50 minutes.

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