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Tue Jan 13 23:18:39 EST 2004

	On Wednesday, January 28th at 7:00 pm in the Branford College Common Room 
Brass. will present a concert.  We will play songs from the CD [Brass.] and 
other music, and will be on hand afterward to sign copies of the CD.  We 
hope many of you can make it!
	Also, be sure to catch us on Saturday, January 31st as we join with our 
sister organization the Saybrook College Orchestra to present a program 
including Handel's _Music for the Royal Fireworks_, Dukas' _Sorcerer's 
Apprentice_, and the 3rd movement of Reinhold Gliere's _Concerto for Horn_.
	Keep abreast of our activities, see pictures if past concerts, and hear 
sound clips at our web site, http://www.yale.edu/brass/  Also, please sign 
our guest book.  We especially welcome comments about our CD or recent 
performances you attended.

Peccatis contrita senescit terra nefastis
ac hominum ventus percutit hos animos.
Unde animas hoc fons sitientes influit pascens
hoc quo contendant ut renovata iterum?


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