Concert Wednesday!

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Mon Jan 26 09:28:22 EST 2004

	Brass. cordially invites you to a concert this coming Wednesday (Jan. 
28th) at 7:00 pm.  The concert will take place in the Branford College 
Common Room (there will be signs up on doors to the college and within the 
college itself) and should last about an hour.  Light refreshments will be 
	This concert features favorites from the CD as well as a selection of 
other music in similar styles.  If you would like your CD signed, please 
bring it--CDs will also be on sale throughout the concert.  We hope to see 
you there.   If you have any questions about this performance, please don't 
hesitate to email us at brass at
	Don't forget that the best place to leave comments about one of our 
performances is our guestbook at


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