[Bulldog Cube Club] Frame Building in BK Woodshop + Mosaic Building in ES Common Room

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 18:53:58 EST 2012

Hey hey,

Cube mosaic building in 5 minutes in the Stiles Common Room!  Come drop 
by if you're free!


On 2/4/2012 12:43 AM, Anthony Hsu wrote:
> Howdy,
> Just a reminder that we have several events coming up this weekend.  
> Please drop by and help out even if you haven't come to previous 
> events!  No experience is necessary.
>   * Today (Sat) 9am-4pm: building wooden frames in the BK woodshop for
>     our college shield cube mosaics for permanent displays.  If you
>     like woodworking or have always wanted to try it, this would be a
>     great opportunity!
>   * Today (Sat) 7pm-9pm: cube mosaic building session in the Stiles
>     Common Room.  Don't know how to solve a cube?  No problem; we'll
>     teach you.
>   * Sunday 6:30pm-9:30pm: showcase of our Stiles shield (and other
>     Stiles art projects) in the Stiles Art Gallery for the kick-off of
>     Stiles Arts Week.  This will be our first public display of a cube
>     mosaic!
> Hope to see some of you this weekend!
> Cheers,
> Anthony
> On 2/2/2012 12:37 AM, Anthony Hsu wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Short version:
>>   * At the mosaic building session last weekend, we built a Stiles
>>     shield mosaic and a Coke can mosaic.  Check them out here:
>>     http://www.yale.edu/bulldogcubeclub/yaleCubed.html
>>   * Saturday 2/4, 9 am - 4 pm, BK woodshop - we're building wooden
>>     frames for our permanent shield mosaic exhibits
>>   * Saturday 2/4, 7 pm - 9 pm, ES common room - another mosaic
>>     building session
>>   * Sunday 2/5, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, ES Art Gallery, kick-off to Stiles
>>     Arts Week - we will be showcasing our Stiles shield mosaic
>>   * Fri 4/13 - Fri 4/20, ES Art Gallery, we will be showcasing some
>>     large cube mosaics
>> Long version:
>> Last weekend's mosaic building was really successful!  We built two 
>> new mosaics: the Stiles shield and a Coke can.  You can see them at 
>> http://www.yale.edu/bulldogcubeclub/yaleCubed.html.
>> We've gotten approval from the SM, SY, and ES masters (Krauss, Hudak, 
>> and Pitti) to put up permanent cube mosaics of the respective 
>> college's shields.  We are planning to build a wooden frame for each 
>> shield cube mosaic and will put a plexiglass cover over the cubes.  
>> This Saturday, we will be in the BK woodshop (North Court basement) 
>> working on these wooden frames, from 9 am to 4pm, with a break for 
>> lunch.  If you're interested in doing some woodworking, drop by the 
>> BK woodshop (feel free to call me at 862.222.4346) some time during 
>> the day.  No experience necessary (I have no woodworking experience).
>> Saturday night, we'll be building some more cube mosaics, from 7 to 9 
>> PM, in the Stiles Common Room.  Some ideas are to do mosaics of the 
>> Firefox logo and a Pepsi can.  Let us know if you have other ideas!  
>> Come drop by!  No experience necessary, and please come even if you 
>> haven't been to other meetings before!
>> Finally, Stiles Arts Week is next week (Sun 2/5 - Sun 2/12), and 
>> we'll be displaying our Stiles shield in the Stiles Art Gallery all 
>> week.  Come check out the Art Gallery Show Sunday (2/5) night between 
>> 6:30 and 9:30 PM!  We also have the Stiles Art Gallery reserved for 
>> Fri 4/13 to Fri 4/20, and we are planning to build a couple large 
>> mosaics for this exhibit.  Stay tuned!
>> Happy cubing,
>> Anthony

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