[Bulldog Cube Club] Stiles Shield on Display + Weekend Events

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 01:06:14 EST 2012


The Stiles Shield mosaic we made is on exhibit now in the Stiles Art
Gallery (for Stiles Arts Week)!  It'll be up until this Sunday 2/12.  Swing
by some time and check it out!  I've attached a picture that Master Pitti
took of it and posted to Facebook.

At last weekend's mosaic building session, we built a mosaic of the Firefox
logo!  Check it out at
It's my personal favorite so far.

This weekend, due to a busy weekend for several club members, we won't be
hosting a mosaic building session.  However, we'll be playing around with
designs for other mosaics.  Some ideas include: Pepsi can, Statue of
Liberty, landscape of Old Campus.  If you have some ideas, please share
them!  Also, you can follow the instructions
create your own Rubik's Cube mosaic designs and start experimenting.

We'll still be working in the BK woodshop this Saturday building frames for
our SM, SY, and ES shield mosaics.  The SM frame is almost complete; we'll
be starting the SY shield frame next.  Drop by the BK woodshop between 9 am
and 1:45 pm on Saturday to help out!

Until next time,
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