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Hello Martha,

I marked the date on the meeting maker, but the 
truth is, I'm getting married that weekend (the 
weekend of the 19th of May), so I may not be 
there. That said, Kraig should be there as should 
Elisabeth Fairman and perhaps others from the BAC.

Also, I think sending information via this list 
(regarding our acquisition of special collex) sounds great.

Lastly, for the symposium, perhaps professors Tim 
Barringer and/or Christopher Wood would be 
interested in being involved in the symposium 
some way. If you do contact them, feel free to 
tell them that I suggested you do so.

Happy New Year~
At 09:49 AM 1/4/2007, you wrote:
>Dear Collections Collaborative list members,
>Please save the date: On May 17th (aka Norwegian 
>Independence Day!) the Collections Collaborative 
>will be sponsoring a full day symposium that 
>will serve as the kick-off event for 
>initiative's efforts toward "mainstreaming 
>collections reference." Especially in view of 
>Yale's increased emphasis on primary sources in 
>undergraduate teaching and the increased 
>availability of primary sources in electronic 
>format, we want to explore ways of integrating 
>special collections and "regular" reference. We 
>are envisioning four basic components for the 
>symposium: a) an outside speaker to give an 
>overview of issues: Kenneth Hamma of the J. Paul 
>Getty Trust; b) a faculty panel to present to 
>curators/librarians their views on issues 
>related to access/use of special collections at 
>Yale; c) presentations by curators/librarians 
>about materials in their collections on a 
>designated common theme; d) break-out sessions 
>at various Yale collections to show physical 
>objects/resources related to the theme.  We plan 
>to invite reference staff from peer institutions as well.
>More later.....    If you know of faculty 
>members who would be good candidates for serving 
>on the panel, please let me know.
>The December 2006 progress report on the 
>Collections Collaborative is available at 
>Finally, I have a question about the use of this 
>list.  Do people think it would be profitable 
>for the various Yale special collections to post 
>brief notices about interesting new accessions, 
>or materials newly available for research 
>use?  For example, the Divinity Library recently 
>received the papers of Henry W. and Elizabeth 
>Luce, parents of Henry R. Luce, who were 
>missionaries in China in the early part of their 
>lives.  Would the posting of information like 
>this on the list be a worthwhile way of raising 
>consciousness about the types of materials being 
>added? If the consensus is that it is 
>worthwhile, would representatives of the various 
>collections be willing to post the information on an ongoing basis?
>P.S.  Please remember to submit brief re-grant 
>proposals by January 25th: 
>Martha Lund Smalley
>Special Collections Librarian / Curator of the Day Missions Collection
>Yale Divinity School Library
>409 Prospect St.  New Haven, CT 06511
>Phone 203 432-5289  Fax 203 432-3906
>Martha.Smalley at yale.edu
>CollectionsCollaborative mailing list
>CollectionsCollaborative at mailman.yale.edu

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