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Ann Okerson ann.okerson at yale.edu
Thu Jan 4 16:38:09 EST 2007

Dear Martha:  Many, many thanks for all you are doing to lead and to make 
visible the Collaborative and its various important activities.

May I call everyone's attention to the recently completed Teagle Special 
Collections Project?  Funded by an 18-month grant from the Teagle 
Foundation (New York City), we worked with staff from 9 CT colleges and 
universities to explore the topic of "Improving Liberal Arts Education 
Through Use of Library Special Collections."  The particular focus was on 
undergraduate education.

The Web site, which describes all of these activities in some detail, 
including the initial proposal, the workshops, and the Final Report, is 


There you will also find additional useful information such as a 
bibliography on the topic; report of a project assessment meeting that 
provides some intersting ways to think about teaching effectiveness; and a 
new link (upper left) called "CT Repositories."  Currently under 
development, this is aimed to become a fairly comprehensive listing of CT 
primary sources repositories.  We have asked each repository to describe 
its work and currently about 2 dozen are profiled.  There will be more, as 
well as a longer list of small repositories and their locations -- which 
have been unable to provide profile information.  Watch this space!

Although the official project funding has ended, we do have an e-mail list 
of Teagle participants created throughout the life of the project, and I'd 
be glad to post information about any events of interest (such as the 
upcoming May event) to the Teagle group, if that would be helpful.  At 
least a few of those individuals would likely be most interested.

Also, please note a brand-new publication from ARL:  "Public Services in 
Special Collections," Washington, DC, Association of Research Libraries 
SPEC Kit, November 2006.  I have a copy which I'd be glad to lend to 
anyone interested in browsing information about practices in a couple of 
dozen peer institutions.

Warm new years wishes, Ann Okerson/AUL collection development
Teagle Project Principal Investigator

On Thu, 4 Jan 2007, Martha L Smalley wrote:

> Dear Collections Collaborative list members,
> Please save the date: On May 17th (aka Norwegian Independence Day!) the 
> Collections Collaborative will be sponsoring a full day symposium that 
> will serve as the kick-off event for initiative's efforts toward 
> "mainstreaming collections reference." Especially in view of Yale's 
> increased emphasis on primary sources in undergraduate teaching and the 
> increased availability of primary sources in electronic format, we want 
> to explore ways of integrating special collections and "regular" 
> reference. We are envisioning four basic components for the symposium: 
> a) an outside speaker to give an overview of issues: Kenneth Hamma of 
> the J. Paul Getty Trust; b) a faculty panel to present to 
> curators/librarians their views on issues related to access/use of 
> special collections at Yale; c) presentations by curators/librarians 
> about materials in their collections on a designated common theme; d) 
> break-out sessions at various Yale collections to show physical 
> objects/resources related to the theme.  We plan to invite reference 
> staff from peer institutions as well. More later.....  If you know of 
> faculty members who would be good candidates for serving on the panel, 
> please let me know.
> The December 2006 progress report on the Collections Collaborative is 
> available at 
> http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/CC2006report.doc.
> Finally, I have a question about the use of this list.  Do people think 
> it would be profitable for the various Yale special collections to post 
> brief notices about interesting new accessions, or materials newly 
> available for research use?  For example, the Divinity Library recently 
> received the papers of Henry W. and Elizabeth Luce, parents of Henry R. 
> Luce, who were missionaries in China in the early part of their lives. 
> Would the posting of information like this on the list be a worthwhile 
> way of raising consciousness about the types of materials being added? 
> If the consensus is that it is worthwhile, would representatives of the 
> various collections be willing to post the information on an ongoing 
> basis?
> Martha
> P.S.  Please remember to submit brief re-grant proposals by January 25th: 
> http://www.yale.edu/collections_collaborative/regrants07.html.

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