[Coll_Collab] Follow-up on primary sources workshop

Martha L Smalley martha.smalley at yale.edu
Fri Nov 16 09:44:43 EST 2007

Dear colleagues,
The Collections Collaborative workshop on the use of primary sources 
in teaching held last Friday was a useful first step toward 
encouraging interchange among ourselves and with faculty and graduate 
students.  I'm hoping that we can continue some discussion about 
issues and suggestions raised at the workshop via this listserve.
Please take a look at the attached notes from the workshop and 
respond to the list (or to me, if you prefer) with ideas or comments 
about how we can collaborate to facilitate the use of primary sources 
in teaching at Yale.  If we were to take one or two steps in the 
coming months, what should be our priorities?

Martha Lund Smalley
Special Collections Librarian / Curator of the Day Missions Collection
Yale Divinity School Library
409 Prospect St.  New Haven, CT 06511
Phone 203 432-5289  Fax 203 432-3906
Martha.Smalley at yale.edu 
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