[Coll_Collab] Follow-up on primary sources workshop

Shae Trewin shae.trewin at yale.edu
Tue Nov 20 11:42:16 EST 2007

Dear Martha & List Members,

I very much enjoyed the recent Collections Collaborative workshop and 
I came away with some good ideas to increase the use and awareness of 
the scientific instrument collection on campus. Next time though I 
would like to see an active object or sculpture collection (if any?) 
to be included in the program because I believe that access issues, 
handling and the pedagogical value of  these collections are a little 
different to the visual resources that were discussed in the workshop.

Regarding priorities, I am concerned about the current emphasis on 
developing meta-data search programs for special/primary collections. 
I think we are jumping ahead of ourselves: there are many important 
but less well-funded and well-staffed collections on campus that 
don't even have basic catalog records as yet. It seems pointless to 
have a meta data search program when there is no data on which to 
search. So as to priorities, I would like to see some of these 
smaller collections receive better assistance so they can participate 
in these bigger plans of which they too will benefit immensely.

Shae Trewin.

At 09:44 AM 11/16/2007, you wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>The Collections Collaborative workshop on the use of primary sources 
>in teaching held last Friday was a useful first step toward 
>encouraging interchange among ourselves and with faculty and 
>graduate students.  I'm hoping that we can continue some discussion 
>about issues and suggestions raised at the workshop via this listserve.
>Please take a look at the attached notes from the workshop and 
>respond to the list (or to me, if you prefer) with ideas or comments 
>about how we can collaborate to facilitate the use of primary 
>sources in teaching at Yale.  If we were to take one or two steps in 
>the coming months, what should be our priorities?
>Martha Lund Smalley
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