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Thu Aug 5 17:37:02 EDT 2004

I noticed a Black Swallowtail flying thru the garden in an "egg laying  
mode." The garden has both flowers (Cosmos) and herbs (Dill and Fennel). I  
observed her make many landings on the Cosmos, most were false landings, (no  eggs 
were deposited) but I did find 5 eggs on the Cosmos. Most of the landings  on 
the Dill and Fennel resulted in an egg being deposited.
I find it difficult to believe that Cosmos, Dill, and Fennel have  a similar 
chemical make up. So what makes the butterfly deposit eggs on the  Cosmos? Do 
they "look" similar enough to fool the butterfly? All 3 plants  do have a 
"feathery" appearance.
Rich Chyinski
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