FW: Caterpillars of North America (Book) - Article Concerning the Author

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First, for anyone who didn't see the New York Times last week, here is a link to the article about David Wagner with a great Monarch caterpillar photo.

Now, a question.  I saw a Spicebush Swallowtail lurking by my little spicebush, so I checked it out.  I found what appeared to be a couple of eggs--white, round, larger than Monarch eggs.  I brought those inside.  I also found a cluster of much smaller eggs, sort of metallic looking.  I pulled that leaf off of the bush.  Did I save the right eggs?  And, if so, am I correct in thinking that this brood will overwinter as a chrysalis and emerge in spring?  If so, what should I do to help it get to that stage??

And finally, a reminder--field trip in Guilford on the 26th!

in Chester

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