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I am in the process of raising 4 Pipevine Swallowtail  Butterflies. The 
caterpillars were raised in individual containers and then  transferred to a glass 
terrarium when they started their walk-about. I placed  both dead branches and 
branches with green leaves in the terrarium. Three of the  caterpillars chose 
the dead branches  to form their chrysalis on and  one a green branch with 
All 3 on the dead branches have gray colored chrysalis matching the gray  
branch while the one on the green branch is green in color.
Though the color difference is not as pronounced as I have seen with  Black 
Swallowtails  the Pipevines seem to have the ability to adjust the  color of 
their chrysalis to their surroundings. 
The question: Is this a common occurrence with butterflies and moths?
 Photo attached. 
(The branches were placed close together for ease of photo taking and  
comparison. In the terrarium they were separated). 
Rich Chyinski
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