[Ctleps-l] Monarch tagging at Lighthouse Point Park on Sunday

Lemmon lemmon at snet.net
Mon Sep 22 19:19:53 EDT 2014

Despite a dreary start to the day the sun came out and so did the Monarchs.  I arrived at LHPP around 9 to be greeted by Monarchs flying all over the place.  They most likely had a night roost some where in the park and with the clearing of the mist and let up of the rain they were all over the garden, and other areas of the park.  The crowds of kids came after 9:30 or so and throughout the day they netted and we tagged 79 Monarchs.  Black Swallowtails, American Ladies and skipper sps were also flying about.  The last visitors finally left around 4.  It was a great day.

Thanks Maryann, Roy and Danny for being there to answer questions and help the kids young and old enjoy the garden and the butterflies.

Gary Lemmon

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