[Ctleps-l] Long-tailed Skipper, Bronze Coppers

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Hi Rick,

The fact that it found a male makes it more likely that it was
transported, probably on a stock of beans with eggs or chrysalises.
The odds of two individuals finding each other in CT at this time of
year seems very unlikely. It was without tails so it did have some
wear. Rocky Hill Meadows to the north is actively farmed and I've seen
bean fields there in the past.

There have already been reports of Brazilian Skippers near Cape May;
also transports?

Peter DeGennaro

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 10:17 AM,  <rcech at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> Peter: Any nurseries / transported plant outlets / soy bean fields
> w/out-of-state stock in the area (incl. at the fairgrounds)?  The
> possibility of southern hitchhikers is not out of the question w/a sighting
> this unusual, esp. if it ends up being one-off. Very interesting!
> Rick Cech
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> 6/16 - my brother and I were in the area, so we stopped at Portland
> Fairgrounds in Portland for a quick visit to try for Bronze Copper. We were
> successful in finding some coppers very close to the parking area. However,
> the butterfly of the day was a LONG-TAILED SKIPPER at the treeline line
> along the Connecticut River. This is obviously very early to find one in CT,
> but I researched a bit and could not find any records of this species this
> year north of Georgia (I did not check south of the Carolinas). I'm probably
> overlooking some records so if anyone knows of any, let me know. And it gets
> weirder - the one I found spent most of its time attempting to ovitposit on
> various plants; I ended up finding six eggs. So it must have found a male at
> some point.
> The Bronze Coppers were all in good condition except for one very worn male.
> They were most common on the left side of the dirt road not far from the
> parking area (the spot where one could view the Red-necked Phalarope a few
> weeks ago). We counted seven in total, but this is only a small portion of
> the habitat. If anyone goes for photographs and wants dorsal shots, I
> recommend getting there early in the morning before it gets hot.
> Photographs of the skipper and coppers to follow once I catch up on
> uploading to Flickr.
> Peter DeGennaro
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