Stain Removal Guide

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Subject:   Stain Removal Guide

Dear Colleagues -

>From the turbulent days of the late '60s or early '70s, when many
travelled to ashrams in India, I recall a New Yorker cartoon of a
supplicant before the swami, who says something like "I can't tell
you the meaning of life but I can tell you how to get ink stains
out of cotton." 

Now you can get such information at this comprehensive site.  --PJK

(from The Scout Report July 14, 2000)

Stain Removal Guide

Recently retired from "the most successful contract manufacturing
Detergent and Sanitiser company in New Zealand," Allan Campbell, PhC
MPS, has decided to share his knowledge of detergent chemistry with
the world. And what better source for fabric stain tips than a
chemist? Visitors can browse the guide, which covers everything from
acids to wood saps (including cod liver oil, soy sauce, and chutney),
via a frame on the left-hand side of their browsers. Removal tips are
listed on the right. A handy site, especially for users facing an
ever-spiralling variety of stains in their youngsters's frocks.

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