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Wed Jul 19 21:40:38 EDT 2000

Subject:   .sucks

It's a fun idea, but I doubt it'll go through.  --PJK
(from Edupage, 19 July 2000)

Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader--in conjunction
with two activist groups, Consumer Project on Technology and
Essential Information--is asking ICANN for authorization to
construct 10 top-level domain names, such as .sucks, .complaints,
and .isnotfair, in order to ensure the rights of free speech to
unhappy consumers.  The move would also prevent larger companies
like Bell Atlantic from registering domain names such as
BellAtlanticsucks.com in order to dissuade or avoid protesters.
Barring organizations that own a particular domain name from
utilizing the .sucks version of that domain name will ensure that
critics of that organization will have an opportunity to share
their opinions.  The Dot Sucks Foundation would receive all the
money raised by selling access to these domain names, and this
money would be used to assist in the funding of online
free-speech arguments.  Other Nader-proposed top-level domains
include .union and .customers, the latter of which would be
utilized "to create democratically managed membership
organizations of the customers of particular companies," says
Nader. (Christian Science Monitor Online, 17 July 2000)

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