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pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Fri Jul 21 21:38:16 EDT 2000

Subject:   Unique Mat Web Site(s)

A unique example of effective hyperlink explication. --PJK

Metamath Proof Explorer

Theoretical mathematicians, behold the wondrous Metamath Proof
Explorer! This site consists of interconnected Webpages containing
over 3,000 completely worked out proofs in logic and set theory.
"Each proof is pieced together with razor-sharp precision using
simple rules, allowing almost anyone with a technical bent to follow
it without difficulty. With point-and-click links, every step can be
drilled down deeper and deeper into the labyrinth until axioms will
ultimately be found at the bottom. Armchair mathematicians can spend
literally days exploring the complex tangle of logic leading, say,
from 2 + 2 = 4 back to the axioms of set theory," says the site's
coordinator, MIT alumnus Norman Megill. The site makes available
basic user instructions, lists of axioms, starting point suggestions,
a complete list of theorems (520K), and even a game using the Proof
Explorer. This site is ideal as a diversion for mathematicians or for
use in advanced, university-level mathematics classes.

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